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The HMP head office is located  in Essenbach/Landshut (Bavaria). R. Huber and C. Mergenthaler, who founded HMP in 2008, have been developing, distributing and implementing capacitors for many years. They also participate actively in normative processes since they are active  members of international committees like IEC and CIGRE,  together with companies like  EDF. ENEL, Hydro Quebec , ABB Capacitors , Nokian capacitors,  Epcos, ICAR ,  Electronicon, General Electric, Vishay/Esta  and others.

Mr R. Huber was honoured  in 2008  with the IEC 1906  AWARD for his long standing active contributions in IEC TC 33.


As a result of several Years of  active consulting for several  capacitor producers, we could build up strong relations with these  companies. Thus we are having several suppliers  for our products which we  know  in detail. We can offer therefore  high flexibility in adapting the products to your needs as well as a quick delivery of the products. It  is understood that all the components we deliver conform to current norms and Quality standards.

Companies like Siemens, ABB and others  are our main clients.