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High voltage  capacitor products :

  • Capacitors  with allfilm dielectric- with internal or  external fuses,   or with fuseless design.  Units  with  brought out Y point or double YY point, phase current protection  and  units with selfhealing dielectric  and overpressure protection device.
  •  Capacitors and capacitor equipment  in  single and 3 phase   connection  for YY an H  protection ,  units and banks with harmonic blocking reactors, automatic  equipment with cos phi control  and  fixed  compensation  for motors and transformers  in protection degree IP00 up to IP 55.
  •  Capacitor banks and filter banks  for HVDC , series compensation , SVC , MSC and ripple control  coupling banks -  all  including protection systems.
  •  Transformer test banks  in  highly flexible  design  for operation in single and 3 phase mode  including  protection systems for all possible settings. Patent pending for banks and protection systems.
  • Encapsulated capacitor banks  for indoor  outdoor and containers  including automatic control  and protection systems.
  •  RC – protection  elements  for the full voltage range  in standardised design including low inductance resistors and surge arrestors.
  • Zorc-  RC  units for  protection of motors, transformers and  in combination with vacuum contactors.

Compensation systems in cabinet design

capacitors bank    indoor-outdoor